Home News Nuseir Yasin of Nas Daily is moving to Singapore

Nuseir Yasin of Nas Daily is moving to Singapore

Nuseir Yasin, the travel blogger popularly known as Nas, whose one-minute videos are viewed by millions of people all over the world, will be calling Singapore his home for a while, possibly as long as two years




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It’s official—popular blogger Nas is continuing his love affair with Singapore.

The blogger will move to Singapore with his girlfriend Alyne Tamir. She announced this on her Instagram account on Wednesday, March 20.

She wrote an effusive post, obviously excited about the move.

“It’s official: we are moving to Singapore! After 3 years straight of traveling, living in one place for 2 months has been AMAZING. No packing and unpacking. I can own liquids larger than 100 ml, I have a laundry machine, I can cook at home, and I even had time to make FRIENDS! And now I get to do a This – in Singapore. Singapore is the hub of Asia, and arguably a major hub of the world. That’s why @nasdaily is moving us, and his company there. STRATEGY MIS AMIGOS. Their airport is insane (it has a movie theatre and a butterfly garden), there’s almost no traffic (a blessing for an LA girl) and the people are amazingly nice (and smart!). We could be there two months or two years, but no matter how long it is it’s going to be SICK! See you soon, SINGAPORE!”

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Mr Yassin has not made any information about the move known on his social media accounts yet, except for a recent Instagram story, which was captioned, “Most expensive city: Singapore (see you next month).”
Singapore recently tied Paris as the most expensive city for expatriates, out of 133 cities in all, according to a survey from the Economic Intelligence Unit, which comes out twice a year.

The blogger has become known all over the globe for his upbeat and positive one-minute videos from his travels to different places. His Facebook account has over 12 million followers, with many people seeming to enjoy the content he has created over the past few years.

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He was last in Singapore in September and August of 2018, where he produced six videos about different aspects of the country—including one about smoking laws, recycled water, and how clean the city is.

His attitude toward the country has been an extremely flattering one, as seen in his video blog about Singapore called “The Almost Perfect Country.”

Even Prime Minister made a cameo appearance in this video.

Unfortunately, Singaporeans themselves have not always taken to this kindly, and have made parodies and memes of Nas’ videos, pointing out the problems that Singaporeans face every day.

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In October, Nas partnered with NTUC Income, appearing in its retirement campaign on Facebook.

Many Singaporeans have been welcoming, but some have greeted the news of the move with less enthusiasm.

Some were downright snarky

Others offered a more thoughtful response.

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