Home News NUS student who called his 'beer-aunty' mother 'shameful' gets the ultimate burn

NUS student who called his ‘beer-aunty’ mother ‘shameful’ gets the ultimate burn




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An NUS student writing anonymously in the Facebook page NUS whispers said that despite being in a relationship for 4 years, he had not introduced his girlfriend to his family members yet because he is shameful of the fact that his mother is a beer aunty.

He said that he developed an inferiority complex because people around him would tease him about his mother’s job when he was younger. He said that it was his motivation to study hard to end up in a prestigious university.

He said that when he was doing national service, he refused to take his mother’s money because he felt that it was ‘dirty’ as it came from ‘low class, old, desperate drunkards’ who touched his mother’s hands.

He however acknowledged that it was his mother’s work as a beer lady which pays for his university education. He said that it was a shame and humiliation that he would not be able to erase from his life.

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The student said that he was afraid that his girlfriend, who he described as being ‘from upper class society’ would leave him if she found out about the job his mother did. He has lied to her that his mother is a businesswoman.

He lamented: “What have I done in my previous life to deserve a shameful mother!”

The post has gone viral with over 4,000 shares, with many chiding the student for not appreciating his hard working mother. One commenter though gave the ultimate smackdown.

Facebook user Lim Zi Heng said: “your mum shouldn’t have sold beer. she should have sold you when you were born.”

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