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NTUC Foodfare doesn’t drop toasted bread price but expects patrons to toast their own bread




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A photo showing a notice by NTUC Foodfare asking patrons to toast their own bread is circulating online. According to the RedWire Times, the notice was spotted at the NTUC Foodfare at Block 361 Sembawang Crescent.

The publication reported that customers “were given bread slathered with kaya and butter and told to queue up to use the toaster at the corner of the kopitiam.”

It added that NTUC Foodfare did not lower the price of the toast bread, which sells for $1.20 for two slices, even though patrons are now expected to toast the bread themselves. The publication also said that there was a queue of patrons waiting to use the toaster.

The photo of the notice at the food centre shows that the move is designed to reduce waiting times. The notice, which informed patrons that toasting of bread is now self-service, stated:

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“To speed up counter service and minimise waiting times, we encourage our customers to self-toast their bread at the self-service counter locate nearby. Please approach our staff if you require further assistance. Thank you for your understanding.”

The Independent has reached out to NTUC Foodfare for comment.

Their statement in full is as follows:

We have received feedback from some customers that they would prefer to toast their own bread according to their desired texture and by that, to help shorten the waiting time for their breakfast toasts.

As such, in mid-July, we piloted the self-help toasting station at NTUC Foodfare coffee shop. During the peak hours from 6 -11am, customers are encouraged to toast their bread at the self-help station. We observe that we are able to serve the customers faster, especially those who do not order the bread toast and the waiting time at the drinks counter is effectively reduced. Nonetheless, for customers who experience difficulties, our drinks counter staff can assist to toast the bread on their behalf.

During the trial period, we are thankful for the useful feedback by our customers and suggestions on ways to further improve the experience such as putting up a step-by-step guide to toast the bread, placing an additional toaster and to install protective shields to the toasters for better safety.

We are implementing these ideas gathered from our customers and shall continue to monitor and review before concluding the pilot.


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