Singapore – The Yishun Central supermarket staff had restocked the shelves following the buying frenzy over the previous few days.

Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam, who visited the Sheng Siong outlet on Tuesday (Feb 11), praised the staff for ensuring that the shelves were adequately stocked. He also noted that the panic-buying had stopped.

Many shoppers had descended on supermarkets all over the island after the DORSCON level was raised to Orange on Feb 7.

DORSCON Orange effect: supermarket shelves cleared out of food and other essentials

Only a few days later, it could be felt that things had gone back to normal. “You have rice, you have everything,” noted Mr Shanmugam.

The supermarket staff assured the minister that they had enough stocks.

When asked how long they had been working, the staff said that they had to call for OT and that they worked until 2 am. The supermarket had been receiving three or more deliveries a day.

Mr Shanmugam also exchanged greetings with a shopper and spoke to him. He noted that the man did not even have a basket with him. “So now you’re buying just small items. No need to buy … (items in bulk).”

The shopper shook his head and said: “No need, no need.” He also suggested that people “try to be cool”.

Mr Shanmugam said: “The reason I wanted to come is to tell people in Yishun ‘nothing to worry,’ you know.” He added: “There is enough food, enough items … we don’t need to rush.”

In a Facebook post later, which included a video of his visit, Mr Shanmugam noted: “Fully stocked, and the rushed buying has stopped.” He added: “We can all be calm.”

In response, people online showed their appreciation of the hard work to keep supermarket shelves fully stocked.

Photo: FB screengrab/ K Shanmugam Sc
Photo: FB screengrab/ K Shanmugam Sc

Ms Jennice Theresa Tng suggested that retailers rotate their staff in order to lower the risk of anyone falling sick.

Photo: FB screengrab/ K Shanmugam Sc

Meanwhile, Ms Tay Lin Na said that she had changed her shopping routine since the hoarding incident.

Photo: FB screengrab/ K Shanmugam Sc

Supermarket visit in Nee Soon

[ Supermarket visit in Nee Soon]Went to the Sheng Siong outlet in Yishun Central, last night. They have been working hard, restocking food items until 2am. Delivery trucks came with fresh stock three times in one day, over the weekend.Fully stocked, and the rushed buying has stopped.We can all be calm.

Posted by K Shanmugam Sc on Tuesday, 11 February 2020


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