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News publication misidentifies Ho Ching as “Lee Hsien Loong”




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Netizens are pointing out that a news publication misidentified Singapore Prime Minister ’s wife as “Singaporean Lee Hsien Loong” in the caption of a group photo, featuring .

Ho Ching, who also serves as chief executive of Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund , can be seen standing beside US First Lady Melania in a group photo of the wives of the world leaders who participated at the recent G20 summit at Buenos Aires, Argentina.

While the rest of the wives are correctly identified in the caption of the picture taken by AFP’s Erika Villano last Friday, only Ho Ching is misidentified as her husband:

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A cursory online search shows that the caption may have been written by news publication Coconuts Singapore in an article entitled “Singapore PM’s wife wears pouch made by autistic student to G20 summit, shows us all how it’s done”.

While the caption to the picture on Coconuts Singapore’s website now correctly identifies the PM’s wife as “Singaporean Ho Ching”, a copy of the article syndicated by MSN still bears the error on MSN’s news site:


Coconuts Co

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