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New tourist ‘challenge’: sneaking into MBS’s skypool




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By: Kheng-Liang Tan

The New Paper reported on Sunday that tourists to Singapore now have a new and adventurous ‘challenge’: to sneak into the skypool at Marina Bay Sands without being a guest there.

The skypool is exclusively for hotel guests only, but the rates do not come cheap. An Agoda search by TISG showed that room rates start at SGD559 while there are others trying to sell their rooms for $350 on Carousell.

In an interview with tourists, some were quoted as saying that they wanted to experience the iconic pool but could not otherwise afford it while others said that they are doing this for the sake of an adventure.

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MBS has implemented various measures to deter such trespassers in the past.

For example, it once required each guest to swipe their room card before they could enter. In another period, it issued different coloured wristbands for guests to gain entry on diferent days.

However, this has not been successful in detering tourists. Earlier in February, travel blogger Kimmie Conner has written a blog post about her experience with sneaking into the pool.

Such adventures do not seem to be an isolated incident, with another forum post on redit has listed down numerous ways to get in.

A spokesman for MBS has said that the hotel “will not hesitate to take appropriate measures” against individuals who are caught trying to trespass.


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