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New SBS Transit train design helps viewers make better choices online

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The design is meant for commuters to question their online interactions and to provoke them to reflect on their choices

Singapore—As part of its Better Internet Campaign (BIC) 2019, the Media Literary Council introduced a new concept for SBS Transit trains to help the public become more aware of their online consumption choices and to use shared online spaces responsibly.

Since the campaign’s theme is ‘1 Click Away’, the design is meant for commuters to question their last interactions online, and to “provoke them to contemplate the choices they have made,” according to a media release from the Media Literary Council on May 6, Monday.

The innovative design features multiple question-and-answer prompts, side by side with examples of actual popular scams, fake news and social media comments from 2018.

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Media Literacy Council (MLC)’s new concept design for SBS Transit train

Moreover, it also prominently features the “Be Safe, Be Smart, and Be Kind” key message of the campaign. This is meant to get commuters and viewers to “embrace more conscious, discerning and empathetic actions online.”

The campaign will also be showing Clicky, which the media release calls “the voice of reason that will appear in a series of multi-platform ads to get users to reflect on how their online choices can become a catalyst for positive or negative outcomes on the internet for everyone.”

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The campaign is likely to be seen by more than 800,000 commuters in the 6-cabin SBS Transit train every day from May 6 through the end of the month, on the themed SBS Transit train operating along the North East Line.

Additionally, the MLC also launched bus wrap ads with related content, which will be featured from mid-April to early-July 2019.

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Media Literacy Council (MLC)’s new concept design for a bus wrap ads

A Better Internet Campaign advertisement also came out earlier this year, on April 8. There is a 30-second version now playing across all TV channels and the advertisement’s full version can be seen on the website of BIC, (www.1Click.sg), Facebook (fb.com/MediaLiteracyCouncilSG), Youtube (www.youtube.com/MLCSingapore), Instagram (@BetterInternetSG) and Twitter (@MLCSingapore).

It was also the first commercial to be played on the new in-train Active Route Map Information System (STARiS) platforms of SMRT.

The commercial has a three part story line featuring a character who makes choices online, as well as how these choices impact other people.

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According to the statement, “The plot consciously features social archetypes that challenge stereotypes of people who are vulnerable to digital challenges: a popular influencer being cyber-bullied, a model student cyberbullying, and an educated professional falling for scams.”

Earlier this year, the ‘Get Smart with Sherlock’ fact-checking starter kit and the ‘News and Media Literacy Toolkit’ were launched at the Better Internet Conference. Content from the kits will be adapted for public education on the social media platforms of the Council for the duration of the year-long campaign, which is running in two stages, from March to May, and September to November 2019. More information about the campaign can be found on www.1Click.sg.


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