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Netizens worried that chickens in PM Lee’s backyard may be culled to mitigate risk of bird flu




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Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong shared a picture of lovebirds and some netizens are concerned that they may be culled.

It’s quite the romantic period, with Chap Goh Mei and Valentine’s Day just a few days apart. Thought this photo of a…

Posted by Lee Hsien Loong on Monday, 13 February 2017

Mr Lee had earlier shared the picture of a neighbour’s rooster which he said has a habit of getting into his backyard. He said that he managed to pair the rooster with a hen and now they both spend even more time at his place ‘paktor-ing’ (dating). Mr Lee used the picture to wish his readers ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’.

Some netizens are however worried that the birds may be culled by AVA to mitigate the risk of bird flu. They were referring to the culling of the Thomson View chickens.

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The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority’s (AVA) chief came out yesterday to better explain the reasons for the arbitrary decision for killing the birds. Director General of AVA, Yap Kim Hoo, claimed that the birds were killed not because of the noise they generated, but to mitigate the risks of bird flu spreading. His explanation came amidst weeks of backlash from the public.

(Read this: https://theindependent.sg.sg/ava-now-explains-that-thomson-view-chickens-were-culled-because-of-bird-flu-risk-not-noise)

It remains to be seen if the chickens which roam the Prime Minister’s backyards will be treated any differently from the chickens in the Thomson/Sin Ming area. But one thing’s for sure, the PM (or his neighbour) may have a few free eggs till then.

Seems that Mr Lee’s wife, Ho Ching, is also a big fan of these free roaming birds.

A friend in AVA tells me that there are still families of jungle fowl in the Sin Ming Ave and Sin Ming Road areas. Visited both to see for myself, and was very happy to have found them in both places Video below is a family behind a coffee shop in the Sin Ming Road in peaceful co-existence with friendly homo sapiens. :-)Typo corrected : AVA and not ABAMany thanks to various friends for alerting me.

Posted by HO Ching on Monday, 13 February 2017

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