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Netizens slam Lim Tean for his “deafening silence” during tense times with Malaysia




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Many Singaporeans took to social media to call out the Chief of new party People’s Voice because of his complete silence over the issue of tensions with Malaysia. Lim Tean, who is usually rather vocal on social media has not said anything regarding current issues.

Netizens took to Facebook page ‘Shut Down TRS’ to post Internet ‘Memes’ of Mr Lim.


One of the ‘memes’ reads, “Claiming to be people’s voice, yet when Malaysia bullies Singapore…Deafening silence”.

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Mr Lim’s last post on Facebook was his call for direct democracy, on Sunday, December 9.


Mr Lim is often rather vocal on social media when it comes to commenting on the state of affairs of the nation, political situations, and matters that affect the people.

While most netizens questioned Mr Lim for keeping quiet in a time such as this, there were some who praised him for being silent, rather than adding to the tensions.

TISG has reached out to Mr Lim for comment.



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