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Netizens react to Lee Hsien Yang’s post with supportive messages on Facebook

PM Lee’s brother has taken to social media to air his views concerning the legal battles that both his wife and son, Li Shengwu, are facing




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Singapore—When Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s highly popular brother, Lee Hsien Yang, posts on social media, netizens tend to sit up and take notice. His most recent Facebook post on April 8 wherein he announced that former Attorney General Walter Woon would be representing his wife, Lee Suet Fern, is no exception.

Earlier this year, the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) referred a case to the Law Society over possible misconduct by Mrs Lee in the preparation of the last will of Lee Kuan Yew, her father-in-law and the founding Prime Minister of Singapore.

PM Lee’s brother has taken to social media to air his views concerning the legal battles that both his wife and son, Li Shengwu, are facing. On April 1 it was reported that the case, also brought by the Attorney General, against him had proceeded.

Just as many netizens chimed in online to support Lee Hsien Yang when the update concerning Li Shengwu’s contempt of court case was posted, he is also getting much support online in relation to Lee Fern Suet’s case.

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In contrast, many netizens are expressing their disapproval of the actions of the Prime Minister.

What netizens are saying

One netizen wrote, “Where will it stop? How can an elder brother behave in this manner to go against his own brother and family?”

A netizen going by the name Henryace Ace wrote, “When a man ‘fixes’ even his own family members (using state resources), he has lost the moral authority to rule a nation because his character is obviously flawed.”

Donovan Ashley had the same perspective, “This guy had really gone too far.. his abuse of authority and his heavy handed tactics using the state organs to act on his behalf is appalling.”

And so did Ting K L Ng, who wrote, “The brother is acting like a king since the dad passed on. Even siblings are not spared. Whatever does he want? He already has everything.”

In contrast, many chimed in to support Lee Hsien Yang

Eureka Hui Min Koh wrote, “Bravo Mr Lee Hsien Yang, we will continue to support you.”

Min Zheng wrote, “As a brother you must be feeling very pained that your own kin is trying to destroy your family.”

Kenneth Chan wrote, “Mr Lee…i wish you success…and never give up for what is good…we shall give our support to you…”

Alex Chee chimed his support in as well. “Yes, Mr Lee. It’s great news. May God watch over and bless you and your family.”

So did netizen Andrew Koh, who wrote, “May the partnership with WW works (sic) well and be able to defend Mrs Lee SF and bring justice to you and your family!”

Some commenters expressed their ire against the Attorney-General’s Chambers.

Ignatius Josiah Heng wrote, “The AGC needs to drop this case against Suet Fern. It’s getting ridiculous. First, Sheng Wu’s targeted, now her?”

One netizen noticed how the two brothers are really going head to head. “Brother against brother… AG vs ex AG… ex lawyer vs ex AG…” wrote Ko Tiam Wee Danny.

Others were upset about the use of public funds for what seems to be a family matter.

Zyan Tan wrote, “For the authority to take on the Court cases against Wife of LHY and their Son is using taxpayers’ money! Absolutely ridiculous and wastage of millions of taxpayers’ money.”

Similarly, Richard Ong wrote, “Vote wisely next election. Stop wasting our taxpayers money on personal agenda and be more focus on improving the living standard and affordability of living in Singapore.”

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