Home News Netizens praise Workers’ Party for upholding country's sovereignty in Singapore-Malaysia maritime dispute

Netizens praise Workers’ Party for upholding country’s sovereignty in Singapore-Malaysia maritime dispute




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The Workers’ Party has voiced their full support for the country’s sovereignty concerning the recent heightened tension between Malaysia and Singapore over the former’s government vessels’ intrusions into Singapore’s territorial waters, calling Malaysia’s moves “escalatory actions” that are “unnecessary and provocative.”

The opposition party issued a statement on its website on Saturday, December 8, starting out with a sentence that it noted Malaysia’s actions with “grave concern.” The Workers’ Party called for cooperation between the two countries “on many fronts, including the military front” and reminding about the “deep economic relationship” between them, with much yet to be gained by both sides from this cooperation and that there are “ties of family and friendship” deeply invested in on both sides.

The statement urged for a resolution on the matter via bilateral negotiation or through a third-party adjudication process, taking into account the ties between Malaysia and Singapore. Furthermore, the Workers’ Party noted with concern that Malaysia’s actions “do not set the right tone for Singapore-Malaysia relations for our people and in particular, the younger generation of Singaporeans and Malaysians.”

The statement ended with the Workers’ Party’s full-throated support for “our men and women in all our security and enforcement agencies who have been activated to deal with the incursion of Malaysian vessels into Singapore waters.”

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Netizens were quick to praise the opposition party for setting aside critiques of the government and upholding unity and sovereignty in the issue:


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