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Netizens call out rich travel blogger for condescending post on locals not fully utilising Singapore passport




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One of the bloggers at travel blog, A Girl and A Bald Traveller, has earned the ire of netizens after writing a condescending post on how Singaporeans don’t fully utilise the powerful Singapore passport.

The writer, the Bald Traveller, is a Singaporean himself. Asserting that the Singapore passport would be “more useful in the hands of an African refugee,” he criticised how Singaporeans are too tied down to their commitments – to “study, graduate, get a job, get a car, get a partner, get a flat, have a family, retire, then die”.

He also claimed that locals prefer tourist-friendly travel locations due to some kind of “white supremacy inferiority complex” and that Singaporeans are ignorant of other countries, thinking that certain nations are unsafe or still at war.

The writer also claimed that Singaporeans make excuses that they are too financially strapped to travel while they can afford eating out at expensive restaurants and afford purchasing pricey items.

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The Bald Traveller asserted that when it comes to travel, locals “prostitute themselves to Instagram” and flock to popular destinations they can be photographed at, and bragged that he would bet any one of his Rolex watches that a “typical” Singaporean would wish to travel to see the Northern Lights, Cherry Blossoms in Japan and the Grand Canyon, Statue of Liberty and Niagara Falls in the USA:

Netizens called the Bald Traveller out for his “illogical” post and said that the post seems aimed at boasting about what a well-travelled “non-conformist” he is. The writer, however, vigorously defended his views.

In one instance, he rather condescendingly said that there are other bloggers who write about “rainbows and unicorns in a really polite, encouraging manner” and that readers could visit those sites instead if his blog is not their cup of tea:

The flak ultimately seemed to be too much for the Bald Traveller who chose to remove the article from the blog temporarily:

Check out some highlights from the original article, along with hilarious commentary, here:

sorry but that blogpost about our Singaporean passport isn't "food for thought" it's embarrassingly narrow-minded and…

Posted by Daniel Peters on Monday, 5 March 2018

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