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Netizen misses Amos Yee, urges him to please return to the Internet

Another says the 21-year-old “is capable of having reasonable discussion”




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Despite being ranked as the worst millennial in the country and as the one most likely to destroy the world, rebel adolescent Amos Yee has his own fan base and those have missed him during his hiatus.

On popular forum website Reddit, there have been users who still wonder what he is up to.

One netizen asked: “What happened to Amos Yee 2019? I don’t care about his views i just think he’s a funny f**k honestly. I kinda think he’s trolling. What do you think?”

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To that, another replied saying: “He’s not trolling, but I nevertheless think he is an intelligent individual, and I wish he’d return”.

Another user posted an entire thread dedicated to Yee and titled: “Amos Yee, I miss you. Amos, if you’re reading this, please return to the internet.”

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That user also defended Yee: “He’s not a pedo but he is a pedophile supporter, and not just that, but pedophilic sexual acts supporter. Crazy, right? Well, nevertheless, I do like that he dares be himself and express his views even if they are unpopular; he is intelligent.”

That user also said in another comment about Yee that the 21-year-old “is capable of having reasonable discussion”.

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Last we checked, in September 2019, Yee got into a spat with another YouTuber where he said: “I might be a paedophile but at least I’m not RUDE.” He also told TISG that he’s moved away from posting content on YouTube because of their laws disallowing any content associated with paedophilia. He said: “I’ve been creating pro-paedophile videos.”

He also told TISG that he has forgotten this city-state because his ambitions had always gone beyond Singapore. He added: “Now I know some of you might accuse me of ‘betraying’ Singapore, but that applies only if one has the obligation to care about a country just because they were born there, which they don’t, so sayonara friends.”

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Amos Yee Pang Sang is a Singaporean blogger, former YouTube personality and former . In late March 2015, shortly after the death of the first of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, Yee uploaded a video on YouTube criticising Lee.

TISG has reached out to Yee, who is in the US, for comment on his current activities. /TISG

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