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Netizen bravely writes to PM Lee asking to keep family affairs private; advises “want to fight it out in the house also no problem”




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It seems Singaporeans may have gotten rather tired of Singapore’s founding family’s public feud. One netizen, Tony Keng, took matters into his own hands and directly messaged Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Facebook.

Much to his surprise, he told TISG that his message was read either by PM Lee himself, or by the person managing the Prime Minister’s social media accounts.


According to a screenshot of the message he sent, Tony wrote, “Mr Prime Minister, I am a resident of Hougang St 91 (part of AMK GRC) which mean you are one of my MPs”.

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He continued, “Every family has their own problems and I sincerely understand your feeling – your family affairs become a hot topic discussion among outsiders. And we outsiders have no business meddling in others’ family affairs”.

With regards to the entire matter being brought up on a public forum, Tony wrote, “However, I am surprised and furious that the AGC (the Government) stepped into the picture, complained to the Law ociety against one of your family members”.

His last question to PM Lee was, “If two family members are not satisfied, and agreeable to certain issue, by all mean settle in private (want to fight it out in the house also no problem) or go to the Court or file a police report; why need the Government to intervene?”

Tony’s post was shared on social media websites, and many netizens commented that PM Lee was not the one who actually read Tony’s message, and that it was likely one of the administrators who manage the account.



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