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Nas Daily says Singaporeans are “crybabies” after being criticised for calling Singapore an “almost perfect country”




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Prominent social media influencer Nuseir Yassin – also called Nas Daily after his highly popular daily 1-minute video series – has lashed out at Singaporeans, calling them “crybabies,” after he was criticised for calling Singapore an “almost perfect country”.

Nuseir, who visited Singapore recently, made waves after some Singaporeans felt that the videos he made about the nation do not capture the reality of living here.

One of his longer videos here, a three-minute video that featured Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, riled many Singaporeans since Nuseir painted the nation as a country with few problems and one that is “almost perfect” in his usual upbeat style:

The Almost Perfect Country.

I put my heart and soul into this video. I hope you it inspires you like it inspired me. It's the story of the country that impressed me the most out of all the countries I've been to. I hope their story gets you more excited like it got me more excited.Because if they can, then we can. INSTAGRAM: @NasDailyGROUP: Nas Daily GlobalThank you to every single Singaporean for helping make this video possible. And thank you to Project Nightfall and Dear Alyne for going on this journey with me.

Posted by Nas Daily on Sunday, 16 September 2018

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Several Singaporeans flamed Nuseir after the video was published, with some prominent civil society figures weighing in on the issue as well. Local playwright Alfian Sa’at said sharply:

“Why does he talk about countries with the crazed, patronising enthusiasm of someone selling something on a home shopping network? “Incredible! Unbelievable! Like you’ve never seen before! Almost perfect! I was amazed!” Please stuff those exclamation marks back into your mouth bruh, along with your selfie stick, and swallow them down with a sedative.”

I've finally got round to watching the Nas Daily videos. I couldn't watch more than a handful. Why does he talk…

Posted by Alfian Sa'at on Sunday, 16 September 2018


Award-winning cartoonist Sonny Liew also drew a tongue-in-cheek caricature of Nuseir, appearing to poke fun at Nuseir’s “super-positive tone”:

Things came to a head when Facebook page ‘The Alternative View’ called on Nuseir to live in Singapore like the majority of citizens, who are finding it increasingly difficult to survive in Singapore. The page asked Nuseir:

“Nuseir Yassin professes to be an authority on S’pore after spending only a few days here.
“Now since he is so effusive in his praise of the country and Lee Hsien Loong, we invite him to walk the talk and take up citizenship.
“But wait, don’t stay in a posh condo in town. Be like the majority of us:
1. Buy a resale HDB flat but with half the lease left.
2. Serve the full 2.5 years of National Service (not 2 years please) and no clerical jobs too.
3. Contribute the full 37% of his salary to CPF.
4. Visit only polyclinics and government hospitals (C class wards only please – provided he can wait up to 5-7 hours).
5. Take the MRT train every morning and evening during peak hours.”

Nuseir hit back in a comment on the viral post. Saying that it might be “a better idea” for those who are upset with his views to “live in the Middle East for a little bit,” Nuseir proceeded to say that “too many” Singaporeans “lack perspective”:

“One thing my travels have taught me is that a lot of people lack PERSPECTIVE. And in Singapore, too many people lack it.

“I flew to Singapore from Papua New Guinea, on my own dime to promote my own beliefs. Now I’m in China making the same videos. I’ll happily take you along the ride and see how life is like outside of your bubble.

“But to be honest, I would never hire you. I don’t work well with crybabies.”

Read his comment in full here:

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