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Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak tonight vowed to remain an Umno man regardless how his successor in the party performs.
The prime minister in a special interview with RTM to commemorate Umno’s 70th anniversary said loyalty forms the party’s strength, and that any action to undermine this strength is akin to betraying the party’s struggle to uphold Bumiputera interests.
“Loyalty is everything in Umno. That is what it means to be in party. You have to stick with the party no matter what.
“That is why no matter what, disappointed or not, even if my successor fails, I will never leave Umno,” Najib said.
Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad quit Umno last year, citing a loss of confidence in Najib’s leadership over the latter’s handling of controversies plaguing the administration, especially those concerning state investment firm 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).
In a lambasting post on his blog, an UMNO man said to be close to Tengku Razaleigh Hamsa, the prince of Kelantan, urged Najib to quit.
The post is entitled “Stop resting your laurels on Sarawak Elections victory, Najib should leave” and the blogger, Aspan Alias wrote:
“We have been living in a wrongly cultured nation in almost every turf and arena and that has become the norms of the day. Corruptions have been the culture in our multiracial society and this practice seems to be accepted as part of live in the country for more than two long decades. Any attempt by like minded and leaders to address this dangerous culture will be deemed as anti-national. Saying a right thing is forbidden and those who were openly in support of the struggle for change were apprehended and not a small number have been unfairly be brought to courts of justice.”
He also wrote: 1MDB is the brainchild of Najib the PM, an investment arm for the Ministry of Finance that Najib leads with initial paid-up capital of RM1 million with initial amount RM42 billion loans and debts of various forms.”
On the Sarawak elections he said: “It was Chief Minister Adnan Satem’s marvelous presentation that it has very little contribution from Najib for the big win.”
He said Najib must own up the fact that he has done too much debauchery compared to all mistakes and misadventures of all previous PMs lumped together.
“He has to quit without delay as he is able to untie all his misadventures that will ultimately bring Malaysians to disaster,” is his call.
“We have to be conclusive in our opinion that Najib has proven to be too undeserving to lead the nation any longer. He has momentously failed as a leader of our grand nation noticeably. He has been destroying the country to an unimaginable magnitude to an extend that his misappropriation of public funds is now under global investigations,” he concluded.

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