International Business & Economy Music video starring Dr , Ji Pa Ban 一百万, goes...

Music video starring Dr Chee Soon Juan, Ji Pa Ban 一百万, goes viral.




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The same filmmaker who made the 18-minute short film, Behind The Man, showing what life is like for opposition politician Dr and his family in their three-room flat in Toa Payohon the eve of General Election 2015’s Nomination Day, has done it again for Dr Chee.
The earlier films captured Chee Soon Juan as a family man.
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His new video cut for Dr Chee was also released on the Nomination Day of the Bukit Batok by-election. The video titled ‘Ji Pa Ban’ (一百万) took 2 days to film in Bukit Batok, said the filmmaker Tay Bee Pin. It stars residents and workers, and was dedicated to all the folks voting this 7th May.
In explaining what motivated him to make the second video in support of Dr Chee, Tay said:
“When it was clear that Dr Chee Soon Juan would be standing for the upcoming by-election in Bukit Batok. I asked whether I could make a video for him, partly inspired by an old video clip of his children singing a Hokkien pop song.”
Tay said that this video won’t be possible without Dr Chee giving us his time and also permission to cover his walkabout.
“I am so proud of our crew of 3 who worked for free and grateful for the kind souls who stepped up to assist,” Tay said.
“(I) am particularly moved when we didn’t have a soundman but the team googled to learn audio recording at the last minute,” he added.

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