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More Singaporeans back young man’s claim that he was “hypnotised” into giving all his money to an old man




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Some Singaporeans have come forward to share similar stories, after a young man made a police report claiming he was “hypnotised” by an old man into giving him all the money in his wallet.

A copy of the police report is circulating on social media and messaging platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram. The police report shows that the alleged incident took place at 7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza on Saturday (5 Oct).

The young man – a 24-year-old Malay man who works as a delivery rider – claimed that around 12.42pm that day, an old Sikh man who looked to be in his 50s approached him and initiated conversation.

The man, who claimed to be from Kuala Lumpur, allegedly asked the Singaporean to donate money for his temple. The Singaporean proceeded to give the man all the money in his wallet, which came up to more than $300.

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The Singaporean recalled in the police report: “I would like to inform that while giving him the money, I was completely unaware of my actions and it seemed that the old man had “hypnotized” me.

“After he took the money, he left and I came to my sense after that. I tried to find the old man but to no avail. I initially wanted to give him $2 but ended up giving all…”

While some netizens responding to the police report said that the Singaporean’s claim is bizarre and unbelievable, others said that they have had similar experiences. Some have said that the Sikh man is a con man while others said that they have been approached by similar old men claiming to be fortune tellers:


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