International Business & Economy MNC advertises vacancy in Jobsbank but applicants must have US or Indian...

MNC advertises vacancy in Jobsbank but applicants must have US or Indian qualifications




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Accenture SG, a multinational company which has had a presence in Singapore since 1975, is searching for an Analytics Manager. The company has placed a job advertisement for the vacancy in the Government’s Jobsbank and among the requirements the candidates applying for the vacancy should have is: “PhD/MS in quantitative sciences or Post Grad in Management (Marketing/ Finance/SCM) preferably from a US university or Indian management school.”

The advertisement said that the successful applicant can expect to draw a salary of between $9,000 and $12,000. The company has two vacancies for the position. The vacancy was posted today (26 May).

Accenture SG’s job advertisement seems to be haphazardly placed in Jobsbank, with the ‘Job Requirement’ appearing in the ‘Job Description’ category. But the same advertisement appearing in the company’s own website is clearer.

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Jobsbank is a Government initiative to give Singaporeans first pick at jobs which are available in Singapore. But according to the Ministry of Manpower, the Jobsbank does not require companies looking to fill vacancies to specify “Singaporeans only”.

The Government’s Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) which mandates that firms must consider Singaporeans fairly for job vacancies does not mandate that Singaporeans must be hired first. But the FCF guidelines require employers to advertise jobs first to locals on the Jobsbank.

According to efinancialcareers, a leading financial services careers website, that requirement does not apply to jobs paying more than S$144,000 (or jobs which pay $12,000 or more per month).

It is unclear how many Singaporeans have a US university or Indian management school qualifications which Accenture SG is looking for, but if a foreigner secures the vacancy and is paid the higher end of the advertised salary ($12,000), that candidate would be exempted from the FCF.

Last year, Accenture won the tender to build the next-generation National Trade Platform beating Singtel unit NCS and a consortium led by CrimsonLogic.

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