SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) has filed a police report after being alerted to fake WhatsApp accounts posing as Defense Minister Ng Eng Hen. MINDEF has also issued a public advisory urging citizens to remain vigilant about the scam impersonation.

In an official statement on its Facebook page on Tuesday (3 Oct), MINDEF indicated that it is taking the fake accounts seriously. It said, “We have been alerted to multiple fake WhatsApp accounts impersonating Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen. A police report has been made, and investigations are ongoing.”

By posing as the Defense Minister, impersonators can potentially engage in malicious activities such as spreading false information, soliciting funds, or even attempting to compromise national security.

MINDEF has urged the public to exercise caution when contacted by suspicious WhatsApp accounts. They have advised individuals to report such accounts promptly using WhatsApp’s built-in “Report” function to ensure that these deceptive accounts are swiftly identified and removed from the platform.

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The public is urged to remain vigilant and verify the authenticity of messages and accounts before engaging with them, especially when dealing with sensitive matters or official government representatives.

Police investigations are ongoing.