Home News Featured News Migrant workers protest in CBD to demand unpaid salaries of nearly $300,000

Migrant workers protest in CBD to demand unpaid salaries of nearly $300,000

Desperate after three months of no pay, low-income migrant workers risk blacklisting and deportation to plead for public help.




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Over 30 migrant workers participated in a sit-down protest in Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD) on Mar 6 demanding answers from their employer Stargood Construction over unpaid salaries.

The protestors claim that 59 workers, who worked at a construction site at the old Central Provident Fund building from December 2018 to February 2019, were not paid for their work and that these workers are owed nearly S$300,000 in total.

Half of the unpaid workers are Bangladeshis while the remainder are from India and China.

According to TODAYonline, the sit in began on Monday morning and saw workers spending a few hours a day at the Maxwell Link protest site. On Wednesday, the scene was reportedly calm. Four police vehicles were seen at the area and uniformed officers were spotted speaking to the workers.

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Some Singaporeans have expressed concern for the migrant workers.

Local human rights NGO Maruah founder Braema Mathi points out that the protesting workers are only asking for their rightful wages and hopes that they will not be blacklisted by authorities, and deported.

She wrote on social media: “I hope MOM and TADEM sees the whole picture and not just workers who protested. When driven to desperation, workers – with debts, families to feed, children in school – will be driven to have their voices heard. Please do not put them on the list of blacklisted migrant workers.”


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