International Business & Economy Marigold Peel Fresh's new campaign gets slammed

Marigold Peel Fresh's new campaign gets slammed




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Marigold Peel Fresh engaged some social media influencers in its campaign to get more people to drink its beverages. And it’s campaign is getting the flak from some because of its unintended message – ‘drink Peel Fresh (not water) because it’s hot’.

screengrab from Peel Fresh's FB
screengrab from Peel Fresh’s FB

A Facebook Group Movement First (SG) said, “when these influencers are advocating drinking processed fruit juice as a healthy option to replace water, it is not only ridiculous, it is highly unethical.”
We republish their Facebook note in full.

Seriously what’s the healthiest beverage you can have when the weather is hot? It’s free and it comes from the tap. It meets WHO’s guidelines and does not contribute to a bulging waistline. It’s just plain old water.
I get it though, water is fucking boring. There is no two ways about it. It is tasteless and unexciting. It’s cooler to be posing with a carton of processed fruit juice above a wooden coaster.
But when these influencers are advocating drinking processed fruit juice as a healthy option to replace water, it is not only ridiculous, it is highly unethical. The amount of sugar even in a single serving of 250ml of @peelfreshsg is close to the maximum a person is allowed to take daily. This means no more cakes, tarts, cookies and other desserts.
If @naomineo_ really does drink 1L of @peelfreshsg a day, she can also consider signing up to be an influencer for bro Gan Kim Yong war against diabetes within a year because her insulin levels will be completed ‪#‎rekted‬
As for Peel Fresh Marigold, I get it, you are a business, you have to sell stuff. But please, don’t contribute to the rising rate of diabetes rate Singapore.
We seldom ask for re-share or re-post, but this is important. So please let more people know about the sugar levels in these processed fruit drinks masquerading as healthy beverages.
@hpbsg FYI ‪#‎hpbsg‬ ‪#‎diabetes‬ ‪#‎peelfreshsg‬ ‪#‎filluponfreshness‬‪#‎MovementFirstSG‬
Health Promotion Board, Singapore I Love Peel Fresh SG

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