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Man troubled by father’s death dashes onto road; 6 officers pin him down and arrest him for attempted suicide




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A 30-year-old man was arrested under an attempted suicide case, after he dashed onto the roads near Block 842, Tampines Street 82 on Monday, around 8pm.

According to the Chinese daily, the man had gone on a rampage and dashed onto the roads, troubled by the passing of his father.

The man, who was living with his father and stepmother in the same block, had grown increasingly troubled since his father passed away from a heart disease a few months ago. He presently lives alone since his stepmother has not returned to the flat since her husband’s death.

According to an eyewitness, several officers from the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) had been deployed to the scene.

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Six officers had to pin the man down to subdue and arrest him.

Chinese reporters later spotted the man restrained near a fitness corner of the block, surrounded by six police officers and two paramedics. The man could reportedly be heard shouting: “I don’t want your help!”

The man demanded for the officers to let go of him when they tried to calm him down and reportedly kept shouting, “Let go of me. I don’t want to be calm. Let me go!”

As the man was in a volatile mental state, the officers pinned him down before leading him to a police vehicle and escorting him to a police station. The man could be heard shouting:

“I want to get up. I’m not going to the police station. Don’t touch me!”

A police spokesman has confirmed that investigations are ongoing.

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