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Man stops to argue with driver in the rain after being honked at for crossing the road on red




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Yesterday morning, netizen Kenny Chan took to Facebook to share a video of a man who crossed the road on red, yet stopped to argue with the driver while standing in the rain, after he was honked at.

The video was shared on Facebook page ‘Singapore Taxi Driver’. It was captioned as, “Two lucky souls on a rainy night. One sitting in the car enjoying a puppet show. One puppet standing in the rain doing show”.


The incident took place along Bedok Reservoir Road, at the junction of Jalan Damai.

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In the video, presumably taken from the car’s dashboard camera and therefore void of sound, a pedestrian can be seen crossing the road in the rain. He stops halfway and stares at the driver, which lead to the assumption that he was honked at for crossing on red. Despite it raining, the man continues to stand in front of the car gesturing and talking at the driver.

Even though the driver honked at the man while he was allegedly crossing the road on red, the netizens who commented took the side of the pedestrian, saying that a little bit of patience would have gone a long way.



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