SINGAPORE: A man who felt that he was mostly a negative person decided to hide his true opinions and respond in a socially correct manner. In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the man said that he was not a person who motivated others but instead turned to worst-case scenarios. He also added that he would sometimes forget to sugarcoat his words.

However, “a few of my close ones are telling me that I should learn to be positive and always speak positive(ly)”, the man wrote. Because of this, the man added that he would hide his worst opinions and give socially correct responses. He continued: “I don’t just sugarcoat but drown them in sugar or silence. They seems (sic) to love (or) hate it. Often thinking I am not genuine and trying to brush them off. Hmm, how can I be genuine when I am not allow(ed) part of my opinions because they’re negative? Sometimes I could feel they’re intentionally cutting me off when they THINK the conversation is going to turn negative”.

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He added that he found communication to have become very tiring. The people around him would only talk about things they cared about while cutting him off when he tried to share what he wanted, or they would pretend to listen to him. “I have been thinking hard because this is happening with my family and a close friend. So is it really that I am so irksome when I talk?” he asked netizens.

Those who commented on his post said he could still speak his mind without being insensitive to others. One said: “Speaking your mind is not an excuse for being insensitive to people’s feelings. There are many ways to phrase the same points, without upsetting people. You can be honest AND still be seen as a kind/considerate person. Read some relevant books, tweak your behaviour and re-establish your reputation”.

Another netizen commented: “Widen your knowledge on the subject before you talk. Don’t just limit yourself to your existing thoughts. Understand where others are coming from. Being a good listener helps a lot to appreciate other’s views. If majority of people cut you off or think you’re negative, so you are. Reflect & improve. Spread positivity and make the world a better & nicer place for everyone including yourself”.

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