Home News Man is busted for filming women in Tampines Junction toilet

Man is busted for filming women in Tampines Junction toilet




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A 30-year-old peeping tom was busted for filming women in a toilet at the NTUC Income Building in Tampines Junction.

Ms Chong, the one who caught the man “red-handed” recording videos of her and her friends, shared what had happened in her Facebook account and had gone viral.

The man was thought to be hiding in one of the female cubicles for at least an hour as there were more than 10 video recordings of other women “undressing and peeing” in his phone.

Realizing that he has nowhere to go, the man manhandled one of Chong’s friends and ran to escape. Unluckily, a male friend of Chong waiting outside and two bystanders cornered him.

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Chong recounted that the “pervert” kept on apologising and assuring them that the recorded videos are deleted already. He even greeted them ‘Merry Christmas”.

The police authorities checked the CCTV footages of the building and they were asked to give statements.

Chong, in her social media post, was disappointed in both the police for “lacking empathy” and the building management for “not being very cooperative”. She posted questions to the public regarding how situations like this were being addressed:

Photo: Facebook/Chong

Nevertheless, the police assured an ongoing investigation regarding the incident: “The police treat such cases seriously and will not hesitate to take action against anyone who commits such offenses.”

With what had happened to her, Chong warned ladies regarding using public toilets:

Photo: Facebook/Chong


Netizens cannot help to feel strongly against the man, with their angry comments:

Photo: Facebook/Chong

Convictions for criminal trespass would be a 3-month jail term or fines of up to $1,500, or both.

Convictions for insulting the modesty of a woman would be jail up to one year or fines, or both.


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