Home News Man goes on rampage in Serangoon HDB carpark

Man goes on rampage in Serangoon HDB carpark




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Zaobao reported that a man went on a rampage in the openair HDB carpark of Serangoon North Avenue 2 today (Dec 3) at about 9am. 4 motorbikes were toppled and 10 cars suffered dents because of his outrage.

The man who was wearing a red T-shirt and carrying a backpack was witnessed first witnessed to be blocking cars from entering the carpark before going on to kick the motorcycles down. Witnesses said that his hands were bloodied and bruised from the rampage and that he looked mentally unstable. The witnesses also said that they did not dare to stop him

According to witnesses, the man was wearing wearing a red shirt and carrying a backpack. He was first witnessed  at the entrance and then went on to kick down the motorcycles. According to witnesses, his fist was bloodied from the thrashing and nobody dared approach him because he looked mentally unstable. He was later seen walking towards the direction of the bus-stop.

Police said that they received a call about the rampage at 9.21am. 8 police cars responded to the incident.

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