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Malaysian who cursed S’poreans to be infected by Zika virus – Complaint lodged with employer




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Facebook user Bosco Chew commenting on a Facebook post by Channel News Asia (CNA) titled ‘Vehicles must be sprayed with insect repellent before entering Malaysia: Health official‘, cursed Singaporeans to be infected with the Zika virus “non stop”. He is a Malaysian and a Singapore Permanent Resident.
2Bosco further said that Singaporeans got nothing to be proud of Joseph Schooling’s Olympic gold medal as he was trained in China. And that our table tennis team is actually from China.

When netizens who got upset with him, pointed out that they knew where he worked and threatened to escalate the matter to his employer, Bosco challenged them to do so, and said that his company will never sack him. Bosco’s Facebook profile listed him as being a Senior Business Analyst in a multi national company.
Boscoe ChewHe later deactivating his Facebook account.

An upset reader of his post has now written to his employer saying that she hopes that his employer will take appropriate disciplinary action against him.

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UPDATE: ExxonMobil Singapore responded to our report and clarified that it does not have an employee by the name of Bosco Chew in its company.

ExxonMobil further said that its policies prohibit all forms of discrimination in any company workplace.

“We support a work environment that values diversity and inclusion, and have numerous inclusive programs and policies that help make ExxonMobil a great place to work,” ExxonMobil clarified with us in an email.

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