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Lorry driver vs cyclist again but this time cyclist gets the upper hand




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Singapore – With altercations between lorry drivers and cyclists being in the news recently, another incident has surfaced online, but this time, the odds were in favour of the cyclist.

On February 25, video footage was shared by Facebook group SG Road Vigilante which showed a lorry driver going head-on against a cyclist in a confrontation that quickly turned physical leaving the lorry driver knocked down in the middle of the street.

The video started with the lorry reversing on the leftmost lane of a road in what appears to be located along Jalan Eunos, nearly colliding into the cyclist who was carrying his bike.

The latter could be seen putting down his bike and angrily gesturing to the driver. However, it seems the cyclist caught the lorry driver at a bad time because the lorry suddenly made a sharp left turn looking like it wanted to hit the cyclist.

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Quickly picking up his bike again, the cyclist missed the collision and chose to be the better person and started walking away with his bike on hand.

Infuriated, the lorry driver stepped down from the vehicle while carrying something from his hand and headed straight for the cyclist crossing the street.

Surprised yet quick to gauge the situation, the cyclist dropped his bike and prepared himself for the fight. In one swift blow, the lorry driver was knocked down and possibly left with a bleeding nose. The cyclist walked away from the fight, mounted his bike and went about his day.

Watch the full clip below:


Netizens who watched the video expressed support for the cyclist.

The lorry driver was clearly picking a fight at the beginning of the scene with his sharp and inconsiderate turns.

He was also seen charging at the cyclist who was already planning to let things slide. The cyclist acted in self-defence which left the stunned lorry driver sitting in the middle of the road.

Photo: Facebook screengrab

On December 22, last year a similar incident of road rage occurred between a cyclist and lorry driver. That time, however, the cyclist was at fault.


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