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Loanshark’s arson threat against woman – time for tougher action to stop such acts




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In recent months, there have been several incidences of loansharks threatening (alleged) debtors with burning down their flats – and proving it by showing them videos of themselves doing just that to other flats.

In the latest incident, Noor Huda Rahim posted on her Facebook page on Saturday that she has been similarly threatened by a loanshark.

She wrote:

People beware of this scammer aka money lender or wat they call it so called AH LONG.

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“Today i just received a message from them stating that my mother owe their money and threathened me to be careful and will vandalise, burnt my house like how he send me the video which he did to other people house and told his men to hit me if my mum don’t pay his money, which my mum don’t even know them or borrowed their money. yesterday my mum also received the same msgs and videos and already reported to the police. pls make this post viral. thank you.”

Such threats are not only criminal, the act of burning down flats is also deeply disturbing and dangerous, which can lead to fatalities.

With the increasing use of such videos and threats by loansharks, perhaps it is time for the authorities to look into reviewing the punishment for such crimes to deter these irresponsible bullies.

The police should look into this seriously before greater tragedies happen.

Here is one of the videos which loansharks have used to threaten debtors:

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