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Loan sharks turns to FTs for harassment activities




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If the conviction of a Thai national who harassed debtors on behalf of a loan shark is any indication, it seems that loan sharks have resorted to hiring ‘foreign talents’ to act as their runners and harassers. Changchai Suriya, 33, was today (23 Nov) sentenced to 21 months’ jail and six strokes of the cane for the offence.

Changchai said that he found a job in Singapore after replying to an online job advertisement in Singtip – a Thai social network forum in Singapore. He agreed to work for a man called “Ah Fei” and came to Singapore to work in August.

He met ‘Ah Fei’ at Golden Mile Complex, where he learnt just exactly what his job was – shaming people, splashing paint on apartment units, locking gates with bicycle locks and even setting fire to units. Suriya agreed to take on the job.

The Court heard that Changchai in one instance, used a red marker and defaced a second-floor unit of a block of flats in Marine Terrace. Following ‘Ah Fei’s’ instructions, he then set poured Zippo fuel on the unit and set it on fire. He then took pictures of his acts of vandalism and harassment ans send it to his employer.

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He was caught when a neighbour reported him to the police.

The Thai national had vandalised another unit flat unit in Tampines St 42 before he was caught. He had splashed black paint on the door of the unit. He further locked the gate of the unit and drew graffiti on the wall next to the unit.

Suriya was paid S$100 by ‘Ah Fei’ for the job.


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