New York’s highest court has declined to hear former President Donald Trump’s challenge to a limited gag order. This order, issued by Judge Juan Merchan during Trump’s criminal trial for hush money payments, restricts Trump from publicly discussing witnesses, jurors, and other key individuals involved in the case.

The New York Court of Appeals rejected Trump’s appeal, citing that “no substantial constitutional question is directly involved”.

This decision comes after an intermediate appellate court upheld Judge Merchan’s gag order, affirming that he “properly weighed petitioner’s First Amendment Rights against the court’s historical commitment to ensuring the fair administration of justice in criminal cases”.

Merchan’s order, however, does not extend to himself or Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. The gag order was deemed necessary to protect the integrity of the trial and the safety of those involved, balancing Trump’s right to free speech against the need to prevent threats, intimidation, harassment, and harm.

Limited gag order should remain

Trump’s legal team has been vocal about their opposition to the gag order, especially as Trump seeks to lift it before his July 11 sentencing. District Attorney Bragg, however, has argued that the gag order should remain in place until sentencing.

Steven Cheung, a spokesman for Trump’s campaign, expressed strong disapproval in a statement to ABC News: “President Trump and his legal team will continue to fight against the unconstitutional Gag Order imposed by Justice Merchan. The Gag Order wrongfully silences the leading candidate for President of the United States, President Trump, at the height of his campaign. The Gag Order applies only to President Trump and not to his political opponents, critics, or Crooked Joe Biden. The Election Interfering Gag Order violates the First Amendment rights of President Trump and all American voters, who have a fundamental right to hear his message.”

A historic first

This legal battle follows Trump’s conviction on all 34 felony counts of falsifying business records related to a 2016 hush money payment to adult film actress Stormy Daniels. This payment was intended to boost Trump’s chances in the 2016 presidential election by keeping the affair out of the public eye.

The conviction marks a historic first, as Trump is the only former U.S. president to be convicted on criminal charges.

As the legal proceedings continue, the nation watches closely, aware of the profound implications this case holds for the rule of law and the upcoming presidential election.


Appeals court denies Trump’s request to lift gag order in hush money case

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