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Lim Tean slams Lawrence Wong who asked elderly couple to “right-size” their flat for cash




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On his blog, National Development Minister Lawrence Wong wrote about how he helped an elderly couple “right-size to a 3-room or smaller flat” to make some cash. However, Chief of new party People’s Voice, Lim Tean, felt that Mr Wong was “having to resort to spin, sophistry and euphemisms to mask the drastic drop in the standard of living”.

In his post, Mr Wong wrote, that right-sizing was about “monetisation options to unlock the value of their flats

However, in a post on his social media, Mr Lim disagreed, and said, “To me downsizing is not right-sizing! It must be very sad and heart-breaking for our elderly to have to move away from a home they have lived in for a Long time and their community because they need to sell the place in order to survive. To think that they used up their life savings to purchase overly-priced flats which they cannot pass on to their next generation”.


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Mr Lim also felt that “This Is The Reason Why Our Broken CPF System Must Be Overhauled!”

Many netizens who commented on Mr Lim’s post felt that the issue of elderly and housing was one that still needed to be solved. They also said that asking the elderly to down-size after living in a flat for many years would not get them the best deal cash-wise.



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