Home News Lift roof leaks torrents of water in heavy downpour

Lift roof leaks torrents of water in heavy downpour




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Facebook user May Tan Kimbuay shared a video of a lift roof leaking torrents of water. It is unclear where or when the incident happened, but the video was uploaded on the eve of Christmas.

The heavy rain on 24 Dec not only caused many flash floods and was the reason for several accidents, but it also caused flooding in MRT trains (https://theindependent.sg.sg/heavy-rain-on-eve-of-christmas-causes-flooding-in-mrt-trains-and-many-parts-of-singapore).

Xmas shower in the train #Singapore #flood #win

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In May of this year, it was reported that the lifts at Block 433A Sengkang West leaked so badly during heavy downpour that residents had to carry an umbrella when they take the lift, to avoid getting wet.


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The residents of the block said that they were worried that the water leakage could pose an electrical hazard. The lifts in the block also malfunctioned at least twice a month and overloaded even when there were just two passengers in it.

The MP for the area, Dr Lam Pin Min, said that HDB is following up on the matter and is looking to install canopies to stop the rain from entering the lift. He also said that his town council will inform cleaners to clear away excess water.

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