Home News Lax security: “Migrant workers sneaked into condo to do car wash”

Lax security: “Migrant workers sneaked into condo to do car wash”




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By Laura Zhang

Several foreign-looking outsiders routinely visit the apartments at about 9pm for car washing services, according to a witness at the Sanctuary Green Condominium located near the Sports Hub.

“The security guard granted them regular passes labelled CW1, CW2. ‘CW’ stands for car washing,” said the witness.

Spurred by a sneaking suspicion, the witness requested the security people to provide the car washers’ identities.

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“They are Bangladeshi construction workers…The management chooses to employ them as illegal part-timers to earn extra allowance.”

He then emailed Ministry of Manpower (MOM), only to be met with silence after few exchanges of emails.

Frustrated, he spoke to TISG about the matter.

“It’s a security concern. Residents are paying for their security. How can the management of the condominium be lax just because they want to save budget?”

Bearing in mind the recent rape incident(MacRitchie Reservoir incident link) on the rise, he expressed concern that women might easily become the target at night, especially when car washing services take place right at the basement of the apartments.

The witness has then sent evidences to The Independent (TISG), such as pictures of identities, name of company they belong to, name of person-in-charge of the management, Emails from MOM, which are to be kept confidential unless requested by MOM.

He urges Singaporeans to be more vigilant when similar cases happen around.

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