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Jobless Singaporeans cannot live on just ‘hope’




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Read deeper into what the Minister, Lim Swee Say, said yesterday in the article titled ‘Job woes part of transition to quality growth: Lim Swee Say‘. He mentioned “hope” three times just like what he had “hope” for in CPF for our retirement adequacy, made famous in his speech: “Every month when I received my CPF Statement, I feel so rich you know”.
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That “hope” for richness in CPF after retirement has long vanished. And incidentally, if this court jester needed to see his CPF Statement to feel rich despite his astronomical ministerial pay, than 90 per cent of Singaporeans would be in abject poverty.

If Singaporeans are to live purely on “hope” as preached by this court jester, we are all in deep trouble. In essence, this is no different from “hoping to win in 4D or TOTO.

To ensure things happen, we simply cannot depend on “hope”. There must be clearly defined policies and objectives with actionable programs and timelines to get better and those responsible must be fully held accountable.

We don’t see that except to blindly depend on “hopes”. What a letdown!

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Thus far this government is putting up excuses like “global headwinds”, “disruptive technologies”, “restructuring”, “skills mismatch” etc.

We don’t need these motherhood statements from the most expensive government in the world. What we need is for it to deliver results to better the lives of the people and nothing less. Walk on water if you must.

This is a letter by one of our readers, Frank.

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