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It was all a publicity stunt – Actress Rebecca Lim misled the public that she was retiring from showbiz




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Yesterday, local television actress via her Instagram, made a shocking retirement announcement.
She wrote on her social platform that she had decided to do something that will change her life, and that she has been thinking about it for a while.
She announced: “Yes, I am retiring. I know you may have questions for me and I will answer them real soon. Meanwhile, be happy for me”.
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as well as fellow artistes were surprised by her announcement. Some speculated that she was retiring from show business as she was getting married or was pregnant, while others suggested that she was doing so because she had won over $9million in the recent Toto draw.
Rebecca’s management team however refused to comment if she was indeed retiring, saying instead that the actress “will have answers to your questions soon. We seek your kind understanding.”
That same evening however (Feb 12), Rebecca clarified that she was not retiring from showbiz and that her Instagram earlier post was just a publicity stunt for insurance company NTUC Income.
The actress said that she had good intentions when she posted that message and that she hoped that people will start talking about retirement when they saw the post.
“My intention is to have people take notice of it and have people focus on the word retirement,” she explained.
She admitted that she intended to grab the attention of people, especially young Singaporeans, but “not such a reaction”.
Rebecca said that she was just trying to maximise her reach as a celebrity and said, “I’m very sorry that many people have misunderstood it which is why my managers and I really wanted to clear the air immediately.”
“When people started misunderstanding and misinterpreting – some of them came up with suggestions that I struck the $9.5 million Toto, got married or pregnant – I felt there was a responsibility to clear the air immediately,” she added.
Rachel further shared that she understood the power of social media and that she would be very careful not to use her status as a celebrity to post negative messages.
The actress further admitted that her false announcement was “a weird attempt to get people’s attention”, but that she did not expect the kind of reactions she got.
She said that she was “touched” by the encouraging and supportive responses to her announcement, and that she would give her concerned friends and relatives a call to reassure them that she is “not planning to stop working in the entertainment industry”.

I would like to thank everyone for their well wishes. My is no where near over. But the truth is, we never know…

Posted by Rebecca Lim 林慧玲 on Friday, 12 February 2016

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