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Investment Blogger Shares His Best Financial Advice And Investment Portfolio – Turtle Investor




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The definition of investing varies according to different individuals. While some try to aim for the stars, in search of the get-rich-fast formula, there are some who believe in the slow and steady way to financial freedom. The latter is the way of life for Turtle Investor and here’s an insight on how he allocates his assets and his input on how Singaporeans can invest.

A Quick Recap: Guideline Of Investing

If you are not sure about how to get started, we have a general step-by-step guideline here for you.

  • Setting up your CDP and brokerage account
  • Learning to use the brokerage account to trade (at least know how to sell and buy shares)
  • Read up and understand what instruments and portfolio suits your risk profile
  • Be humble and constantly learn from more experienced investors! It can be your uncle, a friend or like this article, some of Singapore’s best investment bloggers.
  • You never truly learnt the art of investing until you buy your first share, so do it. Back that decision up with research of course.

Turtle Investor

What Percentage Of Your Monthly Income Do You Invest?

A rough estimate would be about 25% to 30% I suppose.

What Are Some Of The Areas You Look Out For When Choosing The Right Instrument To Invest In?

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I’m mainly into index investing so ETFs are the main instruments I’m concerned with. A reputable fund manager, low expense ratio, decent fund size and good liquidity are areas I’d look at. And of course, physical, non-synthetic ETFs only.

Can You Share With Us A Quick Overview Of Your Portfolio?

Investments Weightage

I have a rough allocation of around 30% in a global Exchange-Traded Funds(ETF), 30% in STI ETF and 30% in ABF Index Bond SG to replicate a standard Bogleheads 3-Fund portfolio.

The remaining 10% is what I call my “fun money” which I am currently putting into Singapore REITs and the start-ups robo-advisors (StashAway/Smartly).

Any Advice For Singaporeans Who Are Just Getting Started On Their Investment Journey?

There is no one-size-fits-all investment solution that can cater to every single person, so do not be disheartened when things do not work out initially. There is plenty to learn from the various finance bloggers in Singapore and make no mistake, it is a journey of discovery to find out eventually which investment strategy fits your personality and circumstances.

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