June 22 was Hwa Sa’s “HWASA the 1st FANCON TOUR [Twits] in Singapore,” where she delighted local fans with a memorable occasion.

Hwa Sa made a striking entrance amid enthusiastic cheers, starting the show with her hit “Twit” following an energetic introduction.

She captivated the audience with a setlist including “I Love My Body,” “Don’t,” and “LMM,” displaying her impressive stage presence, unique voice, and powerful vocals, which energized the crowd.

Photo: Instagram/Hwasa

Memorable experience

The concert’s title, drawn from her fan club ‘Twits,’ highlighted Hwa Sa’s deep connection with her fans.

The event was visually stunning and entertaining, filled with diverse videos and exclusive cover songs for her local audience, ensuring a memorable experience for all.

As the concert drew to a close, Hwa Sa’s boundless charm illuminated the stage, driving the event’s energy to its peak. Fans responded with enthusiastic cheers and slogan events, adding to the emotional atmosphere.

Hwa Sa reciprocated with an encore featuring “Maria” and a medley of MAMAMOO hits, leaving a lasting impression.

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Significant growth

Hwa Sa reflected on the occasion and said, via her agency P NATION, “I remember being nervous when I first started the tour in Seoul. This fan concert reminded me to confront challenges head-on.

Despite the stress and sense of responsibility, overcoming these obstacles led to significant growth.”

Hwa Sa proudly stated, “I can honestly say I gave my best for this fan concert. I aimed to stay as close to my fans as possible. The performance was instinctive and heartfelt, and the support from the staff made it all possible.”

Feeling deeply moved

Lastly, Hwa Sa expressed her profound gratitude, saying, “I wasn’t alone in my passion; all the staff poured their hearts into this, which deeply moved me.

I want to put my all into earning the respect and love of my supporters. I am truly grateful to all of you.”

Following successful shows in Hong Kong and Taiwan, Hwa Sa once again proved her prowess as a solo artist in Singapore. Her rising global popularity as the “Queen of Performance” sets high expectations for future projects.