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Ho Ching still receives flak, even though now her pouch costs S$48, instead of S$15




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The Chief Executive Officer of Temasek Holdings is once again in the spotlight for her fashion choices. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s wife , who has been heavily criticized for her outfits was the talk of the town after she carried a S$48 pouch to the recent G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Ho Ching carried a bronze-and-cream version of a pouch designed by Pathlight student Seetoh Sheng Jie, a lover of prehistoric animals and who did the illustrations on the pouch purely from memory, without using any referencing material.

Photo: https://www.theartfaculty.sg/en-sg/products/style/bags/dino-leather-wristlet-clutch—bronze-cream

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong participated in the G20 summit, where Singapore was invited to the Summit as the 2018 chairman of ASEAN. This makes it the eighth time Singapore is attending the G20 Leaders’ Summit.

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Ho Ching was seen in a group photo of the wives of the G20 leaders.

Photo: YouTube screengrab

This is not the first time that Ho Ching has carried a pouch designed by a student from Pathlight, she previously brought the original blue version of the pouch two years ago, during the official state visit to the White House.

Photo: https://www.theartfaculty.sg/en-sg/products/style/bags/dino-pouch-assorted-colours?VariantID=VO213

The price of the blue pouch however, was $14.80, more than three times less than the one she carried to the G20 summit.

As usual, netizens had much to say about Ho Ching’s attire.




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