International Business & Economy His father was hanged, now he tells what happened to his family...

His father was hanged, now he tells what happened to his family after that




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We are often told that the death penalty is a “deterrent” and therefore it is a necessary punishment for those who traffic drugs..

While it is true that drugs destroys not only the addict but also the families of the addict, it is also true that the death sentence similarly can destroy the family of the trafficker.

Vick Martin says his father was hanged for trafficking in drugs, and it destroyed his mother.

Martin was only 14 then.

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Now 32-years old, Martin relates the aftermath of his father’s death, carried out by the state.

Here is Martin’s Facebook post, without edits.

Abolish the Death Penalty….

My very own experience… 16 july 1999.. My father was Hang to Death by the government of Singapore for trafficking drugs. I was a 14year old boy who have 2 older brothers and 1 younger bro. It changed the lives of my family and myself.

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My mother started to drink to drown her sorrows that there is nothing she could do to save her husband. She eventually started to be an alcoholic and could not look after us. She became very depressed and lost focus in her life.

My brothers and i started to go wayward as there was no one to look after us. We started to mix with the “wrong” company and got ourselves into loads of trouble with the Law. I have be incarcerated a couple of times myself. We dropped out of school. Joined gangs. And practically lost the sense of living a proper live. We did whatever we took was right and started to rebel against all forms of authority. Now i am 32yrs old. After 18yrs of “trial and error” i have so far been out of prison for the past 4 years. I have learnt my lessons but what i experienced and when through shaped me as a different individual. The sad thing is, i am not even sure if i am a proper person or not as i dont have my parents guidance from a very young age.

My Question to the Goverment,
How is it fair for my family and i to be destroyed based on my father’s action? What did we do to suffer this? My father sold drugs to people who were already drug addicts and knew what they were getting themselves in to. Those guys are guilty people and not innocence citizen. My family and i are innocence citizens when the government decided to Execute my father. How is that fair? What did we do to deserve this?? By taking his live, 5 other people (my family) had to share his consequences. Do u think thats Justice?

This is only my story. I m sure there are many many more familes have been destroyed because of the Death Penalty. So many other innocent people have had to suffer because of the Government’s desicion to “Murder” People. How or what are you going to tell all these innocent people that has been affected by your decision??

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I personally feel that there is not enough support and education given to prevent drug addicts to change their life or new addicts from starting the habit. The Goverment is not doing enough to help these addicts to change their lives. By incarcerating there for years and years is not going to break that habit. Its a psychological problem. We should not run away from our problems but to face it. By throwing them into prison is like running away from the problems. We have to find a solution to stop them from going back to their old ways. Give them more support when they are released from prison. Give them better paying jobs so they can start their lives properly. Most of these people are from the lower rungs of our society. They need the support and help from the Goverment. If the government dont help their own people, than who will help them?? We are humans. We all commit mistakes and we all deserve multiple chances to change our lives. I hope and pray the The Government will do more to help and educate the people and abolish the Death Penalty. Killing a live will not stop the crime. STOP CRIMES NOT LIVES Just my 2 cents worth.

My deepest condolences to Ridzuan’s Family and to all those that have gone thru the same fate as him. God blessFollow us on Social Media

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