Star of Crazy Rich Asians Malaysian actor Henry Golding was frazzled after meeting Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey for the first time.

Golding revealed a funny story about how he was very excited to work with the Interstellar actor in the upcoming action thriller The Gentlemen, in an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

For Golding he thought that he was going to be best friends with McConaughey, going for Sunday walks in the park, dinners and that their wives will be good friends, and that they will enjoy yogurt on Saturdays, he shared with Jimmy Fallon.
Photo: Screengrab from Instagram

Unfortunately, things became cold when McConaughey finally met Golding face-to-face.

“He just looks at me with this killer stare and he’s like, ‘I’m McConaughey.’

According to Golding he didn’t know that McConaughey stays in character and since their characters hate each other, he thought that the Hollywood star hated him and his ‘world just imploded.’

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Known to do extra for realism in his work, McConaughey spent six months alone in his Texas home losing 47 pounds to act like a man with AIDS in Dallas Buyers Club.

Golding revealed that McConaughey is the “most loving and giving person’ when they don’t have to shoot scenes together, even though their first encounter was far from that.

Currently in post-production, Golding plays a novice gangster going after the riches of McConaughey’s character in The Gentlemen.

Golding’s latest movie Last Christmas that features Emilia Clarke and Michelle Yeoh is due to hit cinemas on 14 November.

The Malaysian actor is of English and Iban ancestry and he was born in Sarawak, East Malaysia.

After working as a hairdresser in London for a few years, he moved to Kuala Lumpur to pursue a career as a TV host before making his big break in acting.