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Heavy traffic at Tuas Second Link due to major collision involving S’pore-registered BMW, bus and motorcycle

The white BMW was wrecked, with its hood crashing straight into the right rear corner of the bus.




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Malaysia – For those who experienced an unexpected at on Friday night, July 26, the reason was a major involving a car, bus, and motorcycle.

At about 10:35 pm on Friday, at the 10 km mark towards Legoland, Malaysia, before the Gelang Patah exit of the Second Link Expressway, a severe accident involving a Singapore-registered BMW, a bus and motorcycle occurred.

Based on the photos and videos circulating online, the white BMW was wrecked, with its hood crashing straight into the right rear corner of the bus.

The crash went past the BMW’s windshield, with some portion of the car ending up under the bus.

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A wrecked motorcycle was also seen under the bus lying beside the BMW.

Shards of glass and parts were scattered in the premises.

The details behind the accident are still unconfirmed.

However, some netizens and witnesses on the ground during the incident shared insights on social media.

According to a certain Winnie Haus who posted the update on the Facebook page of JB Tracer: Johor Bahru Traffic, Crime & Community Service Report, no rider was seen at the scene.

“Motorcycle pinned under the bus, which seemed to have swerved and hit another white car on the right lane.”

“Would like to reach out to the selfless people at the scene who stepped up to direct traffic and help the injured,” added Winnie Haus.

Other comments indicated that it was the BMW speeding on the highway and swerved across three lanes before crashing to the rear of the bus.

Netizen Thillai Ambalam provided more information on the accident as they were allegedly behind the vehicles when the accident occurred.

“We were behind a motorcycle that was involved with an accident with a white pickup,” noted Thillai Ambalam.

“We managed to avoid the accident just in time. The white pickup did not stop despite the accident.”

After alerting the driver of the white pickup, the witnesses left the scene.

Photo: FB screengrab/ JB Tracer

Because of the first incident, the bus did a sudden change of lane which the BMW and motorcycle could not avoid in time, noted Winnie Haus in a comment.

Photo: FB screengrab/ JB Tracer

Another witness, Ck Lee, reported two wounded men on the ground after the accident.

The also delayed the arrival of the ambulance traveling to the scene of the accident.

This was due to the vehicles using the emergency line of the highway, which made it impossible for the rescue team to reach the accident quickly.

Photo: FB screengrab/ JB Tracer

10.35pm Friday 26/07/2019Second link highway towards Legoland outside Gelang Patah accident. 9.7km marker. Bike and…

Posted by Winnie Haus on Friday, July 26, 2019

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