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“He also never touch you, what’s the big deal here?”: Family members shame victim of MRT pervert




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When T (name abbreviated for anonymity) took the MRT towards Bishan, never would she have expected to be shamed for the actions of a pervert taking photos of her legs on the train. In a Facebook post she wrote on Monday, December 24, that has since gone viral, T shared how a man used his phone to film her legs without realizing of his phone’s reflection on the MRT glass.

She wrote, “I was on the train towards Bishan yesterday. Just a stop to alighting, I noticed this man right here looking intently on his screen, AT MY LEGS. I thought to myself, “how stupid can someone be? Nevermind you already look like a true pervert doing this, but your screen’s brightness is also at a 100%, allowing me to have an absolutely clear view of whatever your camera is pointing at”. To add on, it was a real disgusting sight to see how intently he is staring into his screen at that”.

T also added that when she told her family members about the incident, and spoke to them as to whether she should make a police report, they said, “He also never touch you, why are you making this a big deal by reporting it to the police? You’re creating trouble for yourself and everyone here”.


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While her attire should not be in question at all when it comes to reprimanding the man for his actions, she added, “For those who are wondering, I have an absolutely appropriate attire going on. Don’t give me bs about how I shouldn’t be dressed in shorts and that I should be covering up so there isn’t a chance for me to be his target. It doesn’t work that way, just so all them thick skulls blaming my attire know”.

She also wrote that the reason for her post was because of her family’s reaction.

“What do you mean by he didn’t touch you so it’s okay for him to do it? What do you mean by because he didn’t touch you so you’re making a big deal out of this? So I’m supposed to allow this matter to rest and I shut up about it, and wait for things to really aggravate and wait for him to intensify his actions by perhaps molesting or raping girls and then we can conclude that it’s too late?”

T had the support of most netizens, but some insisted that she should have been wearing different clothes, and suggested that may have prevented the incident.



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