International Business & Economy HDB BTO price up 43%, resale price up 16%?

HDB BTO price up 43%, resale price up 16%?




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By: Leong Sze Hian
February HDB BTO launch

I refer to the HDB’s BTO launch in February.
Sengkang 3-room increased 43%?
The cheapest 3-room flat in Sengkang increased by 43 per cent, from $120,000 to$171,000, from 2010 to now
Sengkang 2-room increased 18%?
2-room flats in Sengkang start from $80,000. This is an increase of 18 per cent compared to the cheapest 2-room flat, at $68,000 in Sengkang in June 2010.
HDB resale price index increased 16%?
The HDB Resale Price Index increased by 16 per cent from 116.6 in 2010 2Q to 134.8 in 2015 4Q.
BTO prices delinked from resale prices?
Since we have been consistently told that HDB BTO prices has been delinked from resale prices to make them more affordable – and arguably particularly for 2-room flats – why is it that it would appear that the cheapest 2-room BTO price has increased even more than the increase in the resale price?
And the cheapest 3-room flats increased by a whopping 43 per cent.
Sengkang 4-room increased 34%?
In Sengkang, four-room BTO flat prices were between S$200,000 and S$280,000 dollars (average price $250,000) in 2010. They have increased to between S$267,000 and S$330,000 dollars (average price $298,500) now. This is an increase of 34 per cent ($267,000 divided by $200,000) for the lowest priced 4-room flat..
Again, it would seem that BTO prices have increased more than resale prices, instead of being “delinked”?
BTO flat prices have stabilised?
So, how can we say that BTO flat prices have stabilised?

Republished from Leong Sze Hian‘s website

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