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Hands and feet in shackles Yang Yin allegedly tried to lunge towards old woman in Court




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Shin Min Daily News reported that former tour guide Yang Yin who in 2014 was sued for allegedly manipulating 89-year-old Madam Chung Khin Chun, suddenly turned hostile and emotional when he saw the old woman in Court today (30 May). Yang’s demeanour which looked dignified as he was taken into the courtroom changed when he saw the widow. He stared hard at her and shouted out “Grandma , think about it!”
The Chinese newspaper’s reporter said that it appeared like he was lunging towards the woman. But Yang who was in the prison jumpsuit with his hands and feet shackled, was quickly restrained by the security.
Madam Hedy Mok, a tour agency owner, has sued former tour guide Yang Yin in 2014 for allegedly manipulating her aunt, Madam Chung , into handing over control of her assets believed to be worth $40 million.
Yang who has been remanded in prison for the last 19 months, faces 349 criminal charges. Evidence produced in Court earlier suggested that the ex-tour guide held the assets in trust so as to look after the widow.
Yang was a tour guide in China when he met Madam Chung in Beijing in 2008. He came to Singapore a few times after this meeting to visit the elderly woman, and during one such visit, he set up a music and dance studio with Madam Chung. He was eventually hired by the studio and obtained an Employment Pass to work in Singapore.
Shortly after, in 2010, Madam Chung made a will to leave her assets (including a $30 million Gerald Crescent bungalow), to Yang.
In 2011, Yang becomes a Permanent Resident of Singapore and the following year, he was given Lasting Power of Attorney by Madam Chung, giving him control over her welfare and assets. Yang then brought his whole family to Singapore from China in 2013, and they moved into the Gerald Crescent bungalow.
In a surprise turn of events, Yang stated his intention to plead guilty to a host of charges today, including for falsifying receipts amounting to over S$450,000. His lawyer said that he will enter a plea tomorrow (31 May).

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