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Grab customer’s mistake wastes food. So, driver gives food to old man on the streets.

Grab driver not worried about being suspended as he prefers to help the needy.




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Singapore — A GrabFood driver received a delivery order only to later find out that the customer’s address was too far from his location. Mr. Nur Mamat was about to throw away the food when he decided to instead give it to an old man.

Nur Mamat had at first called Grab about the mistake in the address after it had become clear that the customer had typed in the wrong address 15 kilometers away from his location. He was then told that the order had been cancelled.

Not knowing what to do with the order, which was a hefty bag of McDonald’s meals, he asked Grab about the company’s policy in handling these cases.

Grab told him to dispose of the food. But, Nur Mamat felt that it would be a waste to throw away perfectly good food. As chance would have it, he had earlier seen an old man on a street near Serangoon Central area.

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So, Nur Mamat approached the old man, colloqially referred to as an “uncle”, and handed him the McDonald’s food bag.

The 76-year-old uncle was overjoyed at what he received and uttered, “So many good food, ah, I don’t dare to buy this expensive food.”

The Indepedent asked Nur Mamat if he had worried about what Grab would do since he did not dispose the food according to company policy.

Nur Mamat says he was not at all worried about consequences: “I know what I am doing is a good thing. Even if Grab were to suspend me, I am ok. I don’t mind.”

People have expressed their admiration for Nur Mamat’s good deed. But, he said it is more important for him to inspire people to help the less fortunate than to be famous on the internet.

“I did all this not because of fame but to create awareness for all Singaporean because delivery guys won’t often have this chance to help the needy,” he said.

Screengrab from GrabFood Delivery Rider Singapore Facebook group.

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