Lifestyle Food Good news for those who cannot travel but who crave

Good news for those who cannot travel but who crave airline food

Companies providing the meals of several global airlines turn attention to customers stuck at home




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Global travel has reached an all-time low, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. With so few passengers to feed, companies which provide airlines with food, drinks and snacks have adjusted to cope with the times and are now offering the very same food to folks who would like to enjoy them at home. And, yes, they even deliver them.

is controversial. Some travellers love it, some profess to hate it. I am personally on the love side. Travelling makes me feel hungrier than usual, and the sight of the cabin crew making their way down the aisles with their food carts excites me. The fact that I get a choice in the matter — chicken or fish? — is an extra touch, and there is always a fun variety of dishes on the tray to enjoy.

My favourite part is unwrapping all the little foil-covered containers to reveal the goodies within. Airline food can be a little lacklustre but, at times, it can be surprisingly delectable.

The companies behind the of several global airlines have turned their attention to customers who are stuck at home.

United Airlines

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Photo: Daelmans Stroopwafels made into s’mores / Daelmans Facebook page

Delicious stroopwafels, anyone? If you have flown with United Airlines, you would have loved those caramel treats, perfect with coffee or tea. Dutch waffles manufacturer Daelmans is now offering the sweet snacks for purchase, and it will even deliver them.  For details, check out its Facebook page, where it even has recipe ideas.

We have three words for you: Stroopwafel. Banana. Bread.We're serving up delicious recipes to enjoy stroopwafels, your…

Posted by United on Thursday, 7 May 2020

Air North

Photo: One of the meals on offer — Thai Chicken Curry with Rice / Air North website

Known as the airline of the Yukon territory in Canada, Air North recently introduced a new initiative — Flight Kitchen Meal Delivery Service, which offers on-board meals for delivery in Whitehorse, Yukon. The pre-cooked, frozen meal options on offer promise big flavours and satiated tummies.

Tamam Kitchen 

Photo: A TAMAM Kitchen cheese plate / TAMAM Kitchen website

Tamam Kitchen, a kosher catering company based in Israel, provides excellent to Israel’s El Al airlines, Turkish Airlines, Uzbekistan Airways and other international airlines that fly out of Tel Aviv. The company is now offering meals for delivery. Israeli illusionist Uri Geller recently showed a box of delicious vegetarian and vegan food from TAMAM on Instagram, and people are ordering.

Gate Gourmet

Photo: Gate Gourmet Facebook page

Australian airline catering company Gate Gourmet manufactures in-flight meals for carrier Virgin Australia, and it provides catering services to other international airlines which ferry passengers from Australia to Asia and other destinations in the South Pacific. Its recent initiative of offering of in-flight meals to customers has been a success. One can order meal packs for breakfast, lunch/dinner, or a combination of the two.

N E W . . 🌱🍴Get our tasty Frozen Meal Packs online to take home tomorrow!.We are soup-er excited you can now order and…

Posted by Gate Gourmet Australia on Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Imperfect Foods

The JetBlue cheese pack
Photo: Cheese snack tray / JetBlue

Grocery delivery service Imperfect Foods has an excellent goal — to support local farmers and food suppliers. As a part of its offerings, the company has been offering cheese snack trays packaged for low-cost American airline Jetblue, as well as those yummy cookie butter biscuits that Delta Airlines serves its passengers.

Did you know that we now offer airline snacks? We're working hard to prevent food waste caused by the disruptive effects…

Posted by Imperfect Foods on Wednesday, 13 May 2020

While waiting for the world of travel to return to any semblance of normalcy, one can still enjoy one’s favourite airline snacks and meals in the comfort of one’s home. /TISG

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