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Gender equity at the workplace, 7 women weigh in

Topics for the talk will include why it is important for women to say yes to P&L responsibilities, the need for women to actively tell their stories so they will not be hidden figures, how not giving consent for violations of one’s dignity is the sole responsibility of an individual, and the cost of giving in versus the fear of speaking up




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On the afternoon of March 8, International Women’s Day, at National Gallery’s Ngee Ann Kongsi auditorium, 7 professional female speakers will speak on gender equity from a workplace perspective.

The event is organised by Keynote, a Singapore based non-profit organisation for professional female speakers, whose mission is to bring more gender diversity to the stage by empowering and amplifying women’s voices in the public sphere.

With Forbes columnist Margie Warrell as MC, and closing remarks by six times entrepreneur Roslina Chai, the event promises to be provocative, connective and reflective.

Where we are today on the topic of gender equity is no one’s fault, and everyone’s responsibility.

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It has become too easy to hitch a ride on the bandwagon of sensationalized sound-bites about the state of female empowerment, or violence against women, or patriarchy’s systemic evil.

Yes, it is critical we ensure these issues are not forgotten, as it is important to contribute considered and emphatic narratives to the conversation, which unfortunately has taken a backseat in a social media environment where quantity and speed trumps quality and reflection.

As an antidote to the frenzied world of commoditised female empowerment conversations, the theme of Keynote’s International Women’s Day event is therefore “Rewrite The Rules: Ignite, Inspire, Include”.

Vetted by corporate and industry stakeholders, and mentored by professional speakers, Aarathi Arumugam, Adele Hung, Anjali Sharma, Mette Johansson, Karen Leong, Katia Melazzi and Wendy Tan invites you to step into a thoughtfully curated space where they will share their wisdom and perspectives gleaned from decades of corporate and entrepreneurial experience.

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap 2018 report, “[p]rojecting current trends into the future, … the economic and political empowerment dimensions … will take 202 and 107 years to close respectively …” Change doesn’t happen because someone thinks it’s a good idea.

Change happens when something matters deeply to someone, and with foresight, fortitude and forbearance, this someone keeps taking one step after another after another.

But that alone is not enough, because what one person says may be considered heresy, but when a second and a third and a fourth and a fifth person supports it, legitimacy is conferred.

Let’s make 2019 count for gender equity, and transform March 8 from a moment into a movement!

Join our partners AWARE, EGN, Women on a Mission, Soul Rich Women, SMU Executive Education, Black Marketing, and Canadian Chamber of Commerce to support the amplification of women’s public voice by joining us on March 8 for an afternoon of insights, new friendships, and renewed inspiration. Save your seats at https://bit.ly/2URivID

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