Home News Robocops in action at Changi Airport as traffic wardens

Robocops in action at Changi Airport as traffic wardens

Robots are now being used at the airport pick up and departure points, eliminating the need for traffic wardens who may often be ticked off by irate travellers in a rush




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Automation may just be the way of the future as robots are now being used to help traffic flow at Changi Airport. At the departure and arrival pick-up points at the airport, traffic flow is a constant problem because of cars parking, idling for lengthy periods of time and stopping where they are not allowed to.

However, with robots now used to enforce traffic rules, wardens no longer need to be subject to tiffs or abuse from people refusing to move their cars.

The ‘robocops’ go up to unauthorised parked cars and display a ‘No Waiting Here’ warning message to the driver.

Following a stipulated amount of time, if the driver still refuses to move, then a video and photo of the vehicle will be taken.

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Netizens’ curiousity was piqued after a video was shared on Facebook of one such Robocop.

RoboCop at Changi Airport.

At Changi Airport, ROBOCOP will go to an unauthorised parked car and point its camera at the car and displaying a ‘No Waiting Here’ warning message. If driver refuses to move then a video and picture will be taken.

Posted by ROADS.sg on Monday, June 3, 2019

Many also wondered if this was the future of Singapore’s law enforcement.

TISG has reached out to Certis Cisco for further comment./TISG

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